‎[Trans] Japan Mobile Site Update – Staff Blog 121025

Hello everyone on fansite.
Recently SHINee has been continuously performing on TV programmes, everyone, have all of you been checking it out closly?
While being nervous before the recording, SHINee members would enjoy it immediately when the camera turned around!!
This week Sunday, SHINee will be performing on MUSIC JAPAN, so do not forget and please check it out!

Hello semua yg di fansite.
SHINee telah tampil di TV program, semuanya, sudahkah kalian melihatnya dengan dekat?
Saat nervous sebelum rekaman, anggota SHINee akan merasa biasa saat kamera sudah berjalan!!
Minggu ini di hari Minggu, SHINee akan tampil di MUSIC JAPAN, jadi jangan lupa dan tolong lihat itu!!!!!

Source: SM Ent. Japan Inc
Credits Minoutshine
Japanese-English Translations: Forever_SHINee
English-Indonesia: Thitie Raffa Hatake | SHINee For SHAWOLindo
Post by: -OppaAry- | SHINee For SHAWOLindo

Via : Facebook


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