The King Of Dramas Episode 3: Choi Si-won Sheds His Serious Image For His Role Kang Hyun-min


Choi Si-won of Super Junior has shed his charisma in lieu of comical wackiness in the episode 3 of the drama King Of Dramas.
The 3rd episode of th

e drama, broadcast on 12th, featured the first appearance of the hallyu star Kang Hyun-min (Choi Si-won) and the producers Anthony Kim (Kim Myung-min) and Oh Jin-hwan (Jung Man-sik) pursuing his signature on their contracts.

In the episode, Kang Hyun-min thinks over his roles, in the ‘Morning of Kyungsung’ by Anthony Kim with 2 billion won contract, and the ‘Graceful Revenge 2′, with the backings from the Jeguk Production and therefore a guaranteed success.

Kang Hyun-min, after deciding to go for the ‘Graceful Revenge 2′, rejects Anthony Kim’s scenario. Anthony Kim, not giving up, hands Kang the recording of Oh Jin-hwan’s words during his phone conversation, in which Oh Jin-hwan says ‘the only reason I’m considering that money-grubbing idiot Kang Hyun-min is because I want to teach you a lesson, Anthony Kim’.

Kang Hyun-min, suffering a bruised ego, spontaneously agrees to sign the contract, but runs away to his Yangpyeong vacation house before the contract.

The director of the drama division at the broadcasting agency, to use Kang as a means of PR before the drama’s airing, pledges to put on air the drama of whoever brings Kang Hyun-min to his office, prompting Anthony Kim and Oh Jin-hwan’s struggles to find Kang.

Kang, in his happy hiding, plays with his girlfriend and his video games, nursing his bruised ego into the place.
Choi Si-won’s rather abrupt transition into a money-grubbing and ignorant top star, a stark contrast from his previous charismatic images, was accompanied by his various expressions and his smooth and shameless lines, oiling his settling into his new clothes for the drama.

Choi Si-won, during the production conference of the drama, commented “I never had any qualms about my comical appearance. I actually love how I get to express my character, and the fun filming that we are having is very pleasing. I hope I can give the viewers a nice and happy ending to their day with this drama.”

Choi Si-won’s new role as a smooth and shameless top star in the drama ‘King of Dramas’ will continue with the 4th episode of the drama on 13th.

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