INFO KPOP!!!!!! [ TODAY, DECEMBER 23 ’12 ]

A fan found Coordi Sticker with
Eunhyuk’s pic on it at a store in Japan!



‎121222 K.R.Y Special Winter Concert in Kobe


cr::日本菲菲|reupload:~rumie at YIFC

121223 Lee Donghwa’s Twitter Update:


I am very happy T.G.P에서 엘프들을 만나
서 너무 좋다 동해를 사랑해 주는 사람이 이
렇게 많다는게 너무 감사하다 다시한번 감사
드립니다 다음에 또 찾아올게요

Trans: I am very happy(.) It was really good being able to meet ELF at T.G.P(.) There are this many people that are giving love to Donghae(,) thank you very much(.) Once again(,) thank you(.) I will come again next time

Source: @Keainlove615 (Donghae’s
Translated by: @teukables

Via : Facebook

Tous Les Jours High End Twitter Update

@TousLesJours_Hi: apakah kalian menikmati hari yang indah dengan Santa yang keren? Selamat hari natal dengan kue yang sangat lezat ~^^
english trans by @sj_translator

Bahasa trans by some fanbase on Facebook

121222 Lee Donghwa (Donghae’s
Hyung) visited ‘The Grand Place’ Cafe


High Society Cap- Min/Hyuk eating Ramen



cr @NKsubs

SJ with Christmas^^


Via : Facebook


klo utk christmast besok ini Whystyle dan Mouse Rabbit kerja sama bikin PRIZE buat pengunjung yg belanja di Whystyle or makan/minum di Mobit ><

Prizenya kereeeeennn bgt >O< merah pula~~

Nah, buat kalian yg mau, *tapi ini ADA FAKTOR LUCK JUGA LOH YA >///<* ayo beli barang2 whystyle lewat YIFC.
Baca notenya di


Via : Facebook

Christmas Card from our lovely dance machine,Lee Hyukjae



*Mianhae…T_T mimin ga nemu transnya T_T jadi silahkan baca yang kalian bisa baca*


Tous Les Jours High End Twitter Update

@TousLesJours_Hi: kalian bisa menemukan pesan dari Santa yang hebat di pohon natal ~~ tolong jangan menyentuh pohonnya..itu akan menyakitkan pohonnya ~TT_TT

74023_513947401970852_771285463_nVia : Facebook


english trans by @sj_translator
bahasa trans by fanbase on Facebook



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