‎130104 [FULL TRANSCRIPT] # HeeHotissue – Heechul’s military radio SungDong Cafe


{1} Heechul said that it had been 3-4 years since he last dating with a girl, when his mother asked him if he wanted to get married, Heechul said “I want to have children who look like me but I’m morbidly want to get married.” and his mother scolded him for it.

{2} Heechul said that his radio broadcast now maybe a new way to reach the ELF. He said it’s been a while since he erased his twitter account and forgot password plus his weibo when he changed his cell phone.

{3} Heechul read a lot of messages from foreign fans, and even read one that says greetings from Venezuela, the United States and Canada

{4} ELF: NOOO radio not finished yet! not ears melt! Hee: Go out, let me freeze! LOL

{5} “I’ll be out of from army August 31, then I wouldn’t be in Sungdong hope time passes quickly!.”

{6} Come over here! every Friday. Oh, on January 14 I’ll also broadcast with my fellow soldiers!

{7} Now it feels really weird. I am no longer a celebrity yet, go to a radio like this is quite amazing. Think of the Super Junior members during the event Daesangs late, and wondering how they look. So, when they met at the hostel, I will tell “Donghae-ya-ya n Kangin” that they performed very well each time.

{8} “Thinking about how SJ Gayo Daejun show, so I contacted Kangin and Donghae We talked about it in the dorm and I said.” You guys have a great stage. “Then they said,” hyung, why do you always say you, that we go round! Super Junior! ”

{9} A Fans left messages “Ahjusshi really handsome” Heechul said, “heh. Ahjusshi? Me, you mean?” LOL.

Cr: meet 庚 澈 官方 微 博, heehome
Engtrans by: NKSubs & heechulfacts

Via : Facebook


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