Golden Disk Award @Malaysia updates

Eunhyuk twitter update
@AllRiseSilver : Golden Disk daesang!!!!!! Bonsang!!!!!! MSN south east asia award!!!!!!! Really(,) sincerely(,) thank youㅜㅜㅜㅜ we are super juni~or!!!!!! ELF i love you!!!!!!
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Golden disk daesang, bonsang, msn south east asia awards , sungguh2 terima kasih. we are super juni~or!!!!!! ELF i love you!!!!!!



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Super Junior GDA Daesang Acceptance Speech Trans:

Kangin: Firstly,… this is the third time Super Junior received such an honorable award. This,personally, is my first time being at the award acceptance…. Really….. No I’m not crying!…. Anyways, I don’t know what words can describe the feeling of having this award in my hands. I feel very happy. Being able to dance and sing like I wanted to makes me very happy. I feel very happy. From now on, I hope for Super Junior to become people that are not used to receiving but giving. Everyone, thank you again.

Eunhyuk: SM Entertainment Lee Soo Man teacher, .. -goes on to list staffs- , and other workers.. and SM Town Family members.. SHINee, Exo, SNSD, F(x), DBSK sunbaenim, Kangta and Boa sunbaenim… everyone, thank you. In 2012 too…. many singers debuted… and.. . came to you all with an album they worked hard on.. but some haven’t been able to perform on music shows.. or just show up two or three times… Please love many albums that have been worked hard on by our Korean singers. Tomorrow, there is another awards tomorrow… but don’t just love digital but hard copy albums too. Every Korean artists, you guys all worked hard. Thank you!

SJ: We are Super Juni-OR!

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‎[130115 – GDA Malay]



source: SJBlueKingdom

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‎130115 Super Junior’s Kangin Receives Attention After His Successful Diet

Super Junior‘s Kangin was recently spotted at the Incheon International Airport on his way to ‘The 27th Samsung Galaxy Golden Disk Awards‘ in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Fans were shocked fans by the idol’s weight loss. The photos show Kangin wearing a chic, black motorcycle jacket and glasses to match, revealing his new V-line and toned figure.

Kangin previously tweeted to fans on the 1st, “I ate ten of the Neera [lemon] detox that my friend Han Byul gifted me with, and not only were the toxins gone, but my skin improved,” revealing the secret to his recent weight loss.

Netizens commented, “Kangin’s diet is successful. His face became half the size of his original face”, “I almost didn’t recognize Kangin”, “He became more handsome. I applaud his effort. The diet must have not been easy”, and more.

(Source: allkpop)

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130115 GDA in Malaysia Oppa,Oppa SJ ALL (Yesung SOLO DANCE~)

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