[SUKIRA] [130319]
Fan: “Min DJ looks like a gym teacher!”
Sungmin: “Thank you. looking like a gym teacher is good right?”

Sungmin said Sungjin just sent him a picture of his broken iphone Min said he got really surprised. Sungjin sent “Hyungnim, it became like this.”

Ryeowook: “he always calls you hyungnim?”
Sungmin: “Only when he’s doing aegyo… he said his hoobae broke it…”
Ryeowook: “Sungjin’s hoobae…”
Sungmin: “????”
Sungmin went to the bathroom then talked with Sungjin on the phone. Min told Sungjin that he’ll get him a new phone ?

Sungmin: “Are you preparing for concert well?”
Ryeowook: “what? Do we need to even do practice? We can just stand..”
Sungmin: “why do I have so many things to practice?”
Ryeowook: “kkk I woke up at 6 AM… and have been practicing until coming to sukira today… after Sukira ends, we have to go back to practice.. I slept for few minutes in between… we’ll sleep after more practice…”
Sungmin: “I can’t sleep..”
Ryeowook: “Why?”
Sungmin: “Musical practice…”

DJs said members are together right now, still practicing for SuperShow. Ryeowook said you can anticipate for the solo stages ?
Beige was singing along to her song and she saw Ryewook and felt embarrassed.
Ryeowook: “I was thinking, why is she doing that ??”

Sungmin said whenever he eats something secretly, he gets rid of the evidence completely.

Ryeowook said his father lied to his mother when they first met. His father lied about his family (saying like “my brother is a doctor”) because he really found her pretty and wanted to date her.

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